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The theorical part of our research activity is mainly about

Therefore, at the moment, the most important applicative research activities are concerning with the manipulation and telemanipulation problems, as far as the robotic field, and with a theorical and pratical study of some industrial motion controls proprieties.

In particular, the main projects are

  • the VIDET project, a research activity started in 1996 with the aim of developing an haptic interface for helping blind people;
  • the ASI gripper, a research activity in collaboration with ASI, the Italian Space Agency, with the aim of building a gripper hand for the use in spacial missions.

Moreover, other activities in the robotic field are going on, using all the equipments that the laboratory provides us. We can find a theorycal and pratical approch to the problematics of remote control using the industrial robot PUMA 562 by Unimation, and a study of new control algorithms for the industrial robot SMART-3 S by COMAU.

In the motion control system field, the activities are concerning with the analysis of some industrial drives. At LAR, you can find the following ones:

  • the Digital Servo Controller GMC Turbo System Module 1394 Motion Control by Allen-Bradley;
  • the Master Drive Motion Control by SIEMENS.
Another really important activity is about the development of rapid prototyping board for the easy development of control algorithms for example in the motion control systems. This project brought to the realization of a computer board called FastProt (Fast Prototyping), with a user friendly interface and a C based control algorithm development environment.
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