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Experimental activity base lines

The experimental activity aim is to verify if the stereo-vision system combined with the haptic device and its control tecniques is able to give a tridimensional recostruction of the environment surrounding the user that is explorable in a credible and coherent way.
The sensations that the haptic interface provide to the user should make him able to understand the main features that a real scene owns.

According to this idea, each experiment with volunteers is divided in a set of tests; each test analyses the behaviour of the interface in a particular situation and provides us a numerical indication of the whole device performances. The tests point out:

  • dimension extimation;
  • distance extimation;
  • shape recognition (2 increasing difficult tests);
  • complex scenes analisys;
  • real-time performances, motion extimation in particular.

Experimental results

At the moment, the experimental activity involved 22 volunteers. In a few words, we can say that the haptic device provides really good performance in reproducing the main informations a tridimensional scene owns, that is distances among objects and their realative dimensions. We also have about the 50% of succes in the shape recognition tests: this fact underlines the good performances of the system in reproducing the detail of the objects if they are not too little, as the complex scene analisys shown us. Also the real-time performances are really very good.

Future activities

In the future the experimental activity will be continued, even with the collaboration of really blind volunteers.

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