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The Laboratory of Automation and Robotics (LAR) of the University of Bologna is involved in some important reseach programs of national and international interest that are involving the most important research centers in Italy and in Europe. Probably the most important research projects with the italian Universities are

both with the aim of exploring new aspects in the field of articulated robots, mobile robots, antropic robotics, locomotions and robotics in the most generical meaning of the word.

As far as the european level research collaborations, we can say that starting from 1994 the LAR-DEIS, University of Bologna, is a member of the academic nodes ICMS-NOE. Its main objective is to pool togheter and enhance the human and material resources of leading research and academic institutions as well as all related industries.

In the first part of the '90, the LAR-DEIS was part of ERNET, the European Robotics Network. The key point of this initiative relayed on the proposal of research projects made by each laboratory, and on the interest by post-doc researchers or doctorate students to cooperate with laboratories of other countries within ERNET.

At the moment LAR-DEIS is part of EURON, that is a network of excellence in robotics, aimed at coordination and promotion of robotics research in Europe and sponsored by the European Commission through the Future and Emerging Technologies Programme under DG-INFSOC.

Here you can also find a brief list of some of the University we are in contact with.

As regard the collaborations with industries, we can certainly remember the following projects:

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