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The PUMA project

Since the beginning of 1993 the LAR-DEIS is involved in a university-industry initiative on innovation in the automatic packaging machinery sector. To this purpose a consortium named PUMA comprising of five firms (G.D., IMA, ICA, CASSOLI, WRAPMATIC) and the University of Bologna has been established. Several work groups from mechanics and computer-control areas, coordinated by Prof. C. Bonivento, are developing innovative solutions to problems of machine design, electric control motion, materials used in wrapping and packaging, vibration and noise, and the rationalization and automation of assembly. In particular, at LAR an interactive package, called ProMAP, was developed for aided design of machine architectures with electrical actuators for coordinated motion control. The package has been invited for the presentation in the Matlab© Conference, held in Bologna, Nov. 1995. A ProMAP reference is also included in book Matlab--Simulink © Connections, 1996.

The INDUTROL and SINERGOL projects

At the end of 1992 a Group of three European Companies (SADEL, SELEMA from Italy and WITTUR from Germany) decided to join their efforts to develop an Advanced Industrial Drive for A.C. Induction Motor. The LAR-DEIS was asked to give scientific advise and to coordinate this activity called INDUTROL project. The first step, completed during 1993, was the design of an industrial drive based on well-known field orientation techniques. A prototype was build and extensively tested. During 1994 a new prototype was designed and engineered for a pre-series production. The problem of power supply interface of electrical drives was investigated under a second research project named SINERGOL. Using the same hardware structure identified in the previous project, the problem of active power factor correction on AC supply lines was addressed and solved for single-phase lines. In the 1995 was completed the prototype validation of three-phase active power factor compensator both series and parallel connected with respect to an AC nonlinear load or producing harmonic. In series-connected configuration, the prototype is essentially an induction motor drive with bidirectional AD/DC converter toward the supply line. This converter guarantee very low distortion on line currents, near-unity power factor and regeneration of motor breaking energy to the supply network. In parallel-connected configuration, the same line distortion and power factor specifications are satisfied for generic AC three-phase nonlinear load. The effort is now oriented to the design and engineering of a integrated system prototype, composed by a generic AC motor drive and an active power factor corrector, suitable for industrial applications.

Modelling and I.C. engine system control

The biennial foreseen activities, based on a contract with Magneti Marelli Group, Motor Division, Bologna, are directed to the following points:

Intake Manifold Analysis;
Electrically Operated throttle Control System Analysis;
Knock Detection Diagnosis System;
Torque Target Definition for Driveability Improvement;

In particular for the point A the developments under consideration are an approach to intake manifold analysis with reference to EGR and Purge Canister, the definition of experimental data for model identification, and a fuel system partial model structure contruction for simulation and on-line control purposes. As regards the point B the research activities deal with the current solution analysis with reference to power electronics, sensors and control technologies, the analysis of alternative technological solutions, the hardware solutions use for implementing some robust control algorithms, and finally a list of experimental check procedures.


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