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Comau SMART-3 S

The robot manipulator Comau SMART-3 S has six revolute-joints, with non-spherical wrist.

Joints are actuated by brushless motors via gear trains.
Motor position measuraments are avaible.

The robot is controlled by an open version of the C3G 9000 control unit with a communication link to a PC (Pentium III processor).


The SMART-3 S is a very light, six axis robot with an articulated structure, made by COMAU for medium load capacities able to meet the requirements of the following applications:

  • arc welding;
  • handling of little objects;
  • sealer dispensing;
  • operations with water jet.

Thanks to the advanced techinical solutions adopted, the following high-level performaces can be ensured in all applications:

  • the work evelope is one of the widest among those covered by the robots belonging to the same category;
  • very wide work envelope of the wrist making it possible to enlarge the work area;
  • 6 daN load capacity applicable at 215 mm from the center of the wrist;
  • high speed and accelerations;
  • brakes on all axes;
  • IP54 robot protection degree;
  • positioning accuracy and repeatibility within a narrow range of tolerance.

Axis movement is accomplished by brushless by brushless motors, which reduce maintenance operations and provide lower inertia and greater heat dissipation; the robot can thus be used even in particularly heavy work cycles.

The axis position measurement system is absolute and it is obtained through one resolver integral with the motor and one RTP absolute transduction module (Resolver Position Tracker) housed in the robot lower distribution unit.

Here, you can find a more detailed functional description of SMART-3 S robot.

C3G-9000 Control System

The C3G-9000 control unit is able to perform different operations that can be programmed by the user, for either logic functions or for controlling of point to point or continuous path movement, with linear and circular interpolation. A single control may be used for several machines so as to reduce hardware requirements and to make operations easier; it is also possible to carry out several programs simultaneously to handle all aspects of an application.

Programming is performed by means of the PDL2 language; this is a development of the previous PDL language, powerful and versatile which can be used to program more complex operations with greater control and less errors. This language has been conceived to be easily understood by the producion personnel and to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications, from the most simple, to those requiring sensors, movement means, technological operations, process controllers and calculations.

Comau SMART-3 S Media Gallery

Another image of Comau SMART-3 S Robot
C3G-9000 Control Unit
SMART-3 S's Teach-pendant
3D model of Comau SMART-3 S Robot
3D model of Comau SMART-3 S Robot with ASI-Gripper
ASI-Gripper on Comau SMART-3 S (3D model 1)
ASI-Gripper on Comau SMART-3 S (3D model 2)
Comau with Phantom haptic interface (mpeg movie)


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