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Activmedia Robotics PIONEER 2 DX

General Informations

Two wheel drive
1.6 m/sec Max. translate speed
20 kg payload

Current researches:Autonomous navigation, exploration of unknown environments, self-localization, interaction with moving obstacles. 

Applications: Operations in dangerous environments, self-guided wheelchairs, mail distribution among indoor offices.

Pioneer P2 DX

A compact, computer-controlled mobile robot for research on self guided system, exploration of unknown environments and indoor applications on mobile robotics.


The robot is controlled from a remote PC, running either Linux or MS-Windows, that communicates with Pioneer via radio-modem at the speed of 9600 baud. An on-board Siemens 88C166 programmable microcontroller handles the low-level tasks, such as motor control, sensor processing and of course communication. Together with 88C166, Pioneer 2 DX is equipped with 16 low-cost Polaroid ultrasonic range finders, used for obstacle avoidance and for the map-building process. In addition, a position encoder (9850 ticks per revolution) is coupled with each driven wheel and it is used for localization purposes (via dead-reckoning) and for motor control. Energy is supplied by 3 lead-acid batteries which ensure a run time of about 8 hours.  

Ease of use and flexibility

The robot comes with P2OS™, a small operating system for the on-board microcontroller which makes very easy programming of higher level tasks, such as path planning, map building and localization. Each of these tasks is performed on the remote PC and can be easily implemented in standard C/C++ language.


With its high speed (1,6 m/sec) and maneuverability, Pioneer 2 can accomplish a lot of tasks, especially in indoor environments. For example it can be used for mail distribution among different offices and so on. However, it is used mainly as a test platform for algorithms of autonomous navigation and path planning.

ActivMedia Robotics PIONEER 2 DX Photo Gallery

vistaortogonale Side and front view of Pioneer 2 DX
Different connections are possible between Pioneer 2DX and the computer dedicated to high-level tasks
Connessioni remote
Connessioni remote
Front view
Rear view
Sonar details


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