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General Informations

6 axes
0.863m reach
4.0kg payload

Applications: assembly, material handling, machine loading, palletizing, automated testing, clean room (class 10) applications


The Puma 500 Series

A compact, computer-controlled robot for medium-to-lightweight assembly, welding, material handling, packaging adn inspection applications.


The Series 500 is the most widely used model in the UNIMATE Puma line of electrically driven robots. With a 0.914m reach and 2.2kg payload capacity for Puma 560 and with a 0.863m reach and 4.0kg payload capacity for Puma 562, this series is designed for assembly and appllications requiring high degrees of flexibility and reliability. Click here to see technical specifications for the Puma 500.

With thousand of units in the field, its capabilities are particularly suited to the electrinics and other industries where light-to-medium weight parts handling or processed functions are carried out.

Ease of use

VAL™, a revolutionary advance in robot control systems, is used to control and program Puma robots. The system uses an LSI-11 as a central processing unit and communicates with individual joint processors for servo control arm motions. The results are ease in set-up, high-tolerance repeatability and gretaer application versatility.

VAL™ combines a sophisticated, easy-to-use robot programming capability with advanced servo control methods. Intuitive English-language instruction provide fast, efficient program generation and editing capabilities. All servo-path computations are performed in real-time, which makes it possible to interface with sensory based systems.


With its high speed, repeatibility and flexibility, the Puma 500 robot is suited to a wide range of small parts-handling applications, and VAL™ control makes it easy to design application programs to carry out the most difficult robotic tasks.

Current assembly applications include automotive instruments panels, small electric motors, printed circuit boards, subassemblies for radios, television sets, appliances and more. Other applications include packaging functions in the pharmaceutical, personal care and food industries. Palletizing af small parts, inspection and electronic-parts handling in the computer, aero-space and defense industries round outthe present installed base.

UNIMATE Puma 562 Foto Gallery (click on the image to enlarge)

View of our Puma 562
Opposite view of our Puma 562
Inside joint 1
Inside joint 2
Inside joint 3
Inside the 3dof wrist


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