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After about half a mounth of work, the new web-site of LAR-DEIS has been relased.

As you probably have noticed, it was heavily inspired, from a graphical point of view, by, one of the most read site by the Linux community in the word.

It was developed using Macromedia Dreamveawer™, probably the most powerful software package for the web-designer who is not really interested to learn deeply HTML language.

At the moment, and probably until the end of the summer holidays, the site is not completed; we have:

  • to finish all the personal pages of PhD students and Researchers;
  • to update the pages of the research activities and collaborations;
  • to build some pages about the past activities of LAR.

In the future we think to set up web-oriented data-base for the publications and also for the Thesis: at the moment, for this project, we suppose we will use the free-software WODA.

We count on the collaborations af all the people of DEIS for keeping this web-site always updated.

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