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From today, all the publications of the people that work within LAR will be stored in a data-base that will be updated and managed through Internet, so that every visitor of this web-site will be able to obtain the most complete inforations about the research activities of this structure.

This data-base was built using WODA; WODA is a Perl program that manages web-oriented, semi-relational, multimedia databases. It allows them to be defined, maintained, added-to, modified, and queried entirely through the WWW and without programming.
It includes file upload/download, industry standard search syntax, query generator, relations among tables, password protection of records, user management, different access privileges, sending of serial email, agent reporting new items by email, export/import from Windows, shopping basket etc. etc.
Advanced users can use Perl programming to enhance its functionality. In fact it is a poor man's RAD (Rapid Application Development) system for web database applications.

(Reserved for DEIS and DEIS-LAR people) If you want to add your research works to this new data-base, you have only to ask for an account to the administrators (Ing. Alessandro Macchelli or Ing. Daniele Arduini).

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