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Announcement on
"1st IFATIS Workshop"
Bologna, October 28-29, 2002

EC-Project IFATIS (Intelligent Fault Tolerant Control in Integrated Systems) is partly funded by the European Commission in the IST programme 2001 of the 5th EC framework programme. The IFATIS consortium consists of six universities and four enterprises from six countries. The main objective of IFATIS is the development of advanced fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control technologies, tools and their applications in different industrial sectors.

The aim of the 1st IFATIS workshop is to present and to evaluate the results achieved in IFATIS since its start in January, 2002. It will provide a platform for the discussion on the current development and trends in the field of FDI/FTC and its possible influence on the further progress of IFATIS.

The 1st IFATIS workshop offers a two-days programme:

  • the IFATIS workshop on the 1st day, which is open for all participants
  • IFATIS-day on the second day, which is an internal meeting of IFATIS consortium.

The 1st IFATIS workshop is organised by the IFATIS project management board and University of

The local organiser:

Ing. Lorenzo Marconi
DEIS-University of Bologna
Via Risorgimento 2,
40136 Bologna, Italy

Tel.: 0039 051 2093788
Fax: 0039 051 2093073

For further information, please visit

For the complete program [pdf version] click here.

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