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UB Hand I & II
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A key point to improve robotic dexterity is represented by the end effectors, installed on the manipulators, through which interaction with objects and environments takes place. A research program aimed to the realization of articulated sensorized robotic hands, the UB Hand (University of Bologna dexterous Hand) Version I and II, has been carried out since 1985.

Results of a first part of this activity have been the realization and experimentation of a prototype, the UBH Version I (1986-1990), and its installation on an IBM 7565 gantry robot. A second phase of this project has been carried out in the framework of the Special National Program on Robotics, C.N.R.. This project has been based on five Research Units which are focused on relevant research topics, namely:
  1. DEIS, University of Bologna, for the control aspects, responsible Prof. C. Bonivento;
  2. DIEM, University of Bologna, for the mechanical design and realization, responsible Prof. G. Vassura;
  3. CIOC, University of Bologna, for the computational architecture design, responsible Prof. E. Faldella;
  4. DII, University of Parma, for task planning and high-level control problems, responsible Prof. S. Caselli;
  5. DSEA, University of Pisa, for manipulation problems, responsible Prof. G. Casalino.
A second prototype of the hand, the UBH Version II has been realized, and installed on a PUMA 560 equipped with a special forearm/wrist system.
The UB Hand project has raised a number of theoretical and experimental issues, which are reported in many points of this report, and which originated several interesting scientific collaborations. Moreover, the UBH Version II has been presented in several national and international events: EXPO'92, Seville, Spain (1992), EMO'95, Milano, May 1995; ICAR'95, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain, Sept. 1995; ERA'95, Trieste, Oct. 1995.



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