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Alireza Abouhossein
Postdoctoral fellow
  • Ph.D.(Bern University, Switzerland)
  • M.E.Sc (University of Western Ontario, Canada)
  • B.Eng. (Toronto, Canada)

CASY - D.E.I. - University of Bologna

Viale Carlo Pepoli 3/2
40123 Bologna (ITALY)
Tel.: (+39) 051 20 93877
Fax: (+39) 051 20 93871
Email: Alireza{dot}abouhossein{at}

Reseach Interests

  • Biomechanics of traumatic human injury
  • Biomechanics of the cervical, thoracic and Lumbar Spine
  • Biomechanics of joints in aging
  • injuries in the pediatric, geriatric and normal adult population
  • Injury Prevention (design of devices & rehabilitation procedures)
  • Kinematics and kinetics measurement in the injuries using dynamic modeling approaches
  • Injury recovery and prevention using motion analysis and biomechanics
  • Elderly fall prevention by understanding effect of degeneration and different balance control strategies
  • Identifying methods to demonstrate clinical efficacy of the new treatment or procedures
  • Biomechanics of athletes in sports
  • I am interested in obtaining in-depth understanding of human injury using engineering methods, dynamics modeling, biomechanical and basic science methods. These finding will provide the health care professional with the affirmative methods (evidence based) in prevention and treatment. Currently, I am working under supervision of Dr. Lorenzo Marconi. & Dr. Lorenzo Chiari to develop objective measures in balance control strategies in the elderly. The idea is to use non-invasive methods to monitor the elderly and distinguish fallers from non-fallers. This is achieved using biomechanical approaches and integration of sensorimotor of the older adults.

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