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Paoli, A.
"Fault Detection and Fault Tolerant Control for Distributed Systems: a general framework"
Type PhD Thesis
Author(s) Paoli, A.
Title Fault Detection and Fault Tolerant Control for Distributed Systems: a general framework
Editor University of Bologna, Faculty of Engineering
Keywords fault tolerant control, fault diagnosis, reliability, distributed systems, output regulation theory, discrete event systems.
This work is a collection of results towards a unified framework for Fault Tolerant Control in Distributed Control Systems. It starts with a survey Chapter 1 which illustrates concepts, definitions and classical results about Fault Detection and Isolation and Fault-Tolerant Control and introduces basic concepts in distributed computer systems architectures. In Chapter 2 a novel architecture for Fault Tolerant Control is presented and some design guidelines are given. In this chapter is presented the work developed within the EC-Project IFATIS (Intelligent Fault Tolerant Control in Integrated Systems), partly funded by the European Commission in the IST programme 2001 of the 5th EC framework programme (IST-2001-32122). Chapter 3 deals with a specific step of the design procedure presented in the previous chapter: the reliability prediction. More in details a procedure to evaluate reliability of a complex distributed diagnosis system in the framework of Fault tolerant control is illustrated starting from classical reliability concepts. In Chapter 4 a “high-level” diagnosis and reconfiguration engine in the framework of fault-tolerant control of discrete event systems is presented, while in Chapter 5 a “low-level” fault-tolerant control scheme is presented. More in detail the idea of Implicit fault-tolerance is given and applied to control induction motors in faulty conditions. Finally conclusive remarks and some ideas on new directions to explore are given. In Appendix A are reported briefly some concepts and results about Discrete Event Systems which should help the reader in understanding some crucial points in chapter 4; while in Appendix B is reported a technical overview on the experimental set-up for fault tolerant control of induction motors, entirely designed in the Laboratory of Automation and Robotics of University of Bologna. Appendix C deals with an application of the implicit fault tolerant control scheme, presented in Chapter 5, to a n-dof fully actuated robot manipulator affected by actuator faults.
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Year 2004

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