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L. Biagiotti, G. Borghesan, C. Melchiorri
"A Multimodal Haptic Mouse for Visually Impaired Persons"
Type Conference
Author(s) L. Biagiotti, G. Borghesan, C. Melchiorri
Title A Multimodal Haptic Mouse for Visually Impaired Persons
Editor 2nd Interantional Conference on Enactive Interface, Enactive 05
Keywords Multimodal, Haptic interfaces, Mouse, Blind persons
This work describes the early research activity on an haptic mouse interface. This project aims to join tactile and kinesthetic feedbacks in order to improve the accessability to the PC of visually impaired persons. In this phase a planar haptic interface has been developed. It is based on two linear motors, which allow to keep the mechanical structure very simple, with high stiffness and without backlash. The system results backdrivable but to reduce the friction effects and therefore enhance its transparency, the device has been equipped with a load cell along each axis. A suitable controller exploiting a force loop has been developed and some significant tasks experimentally verified. In particular, since this haptic mouse will be applied to interact with Graphical User interfaces, the tracking of predefined paths and the rendering of geometrical shape have been tested.
Document ce94.tmp.Document.pdf ( bytes)
Year 2005

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