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Gilioli M., Melchiorri C.
"Improving Map-Building Procedures Using a Potential Field Approach"
Type Conference
Author(s) Gilioli M., Melchiorri C.
Title Improving Map-Building Procedures Using a Potential Field Approach
Editor 4th European Workshop on Advanced Mobile Robots (EUROBOT'01), 19-21 September 2001, Lund (Sweden)
Keywords Mobile Robot Navigation, Reactive Control, Map-Building, Potential Field, Non-holonomic control

This paper describes a motion planning method applied to a mobile robot navigating in an {\em a priori} unknown environment and implemented exclusively with sonar sensors. In particular, we present a planning method based on a potential field approach.

The use of the potential field provides a feedback control that forces the robot to move along trajectories parallel to obstacles detected in the environment. Note that in this manner (i.e. when the robot moves parallel to a wall) the problems due to sonar false reflections for large angles of incidence are reduced.

We propose a two phases motion planning strategy: a reactive navigation based on grid map joined with a wall-following method. When the robot detects a feature, a wall-following approach is actuated and if an unexpected obstacle occludes the way the reactive method restart. Experimental result have been developed using a Pioneer2 Dx mobile robot and are presented and discussed.

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Year 2001

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