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Lucente G., Montanari M., Rossi C.
"Modelling of a Car Driveline for Servo-actuated Gear-shift Control"
Type Conference
Author(s) Lucente G., Montanari M., Rossi C.
Title Modelling of a Car Driveline for Servo-actuated Gear-shift Control
Editor ISIE 2005
Keywords Automotive, Hybrid, Driveline, Gearbox, Modelling
A physically-based dynamic model of the driveline of a vehicle with automated manual transmission (AMT) is presented. The driveline is decomposed into three main subsystems: the drivetrain, constituted by the transmission shafts connecting the engine to the wheels, and two electro-hydraulic actuators for clutch and gear-box control. The main feature of the model proposed is to consider in a detailed way both the nonlinear dynamics of the clutch and gear-box actuators and the drivetrain behavior. Model parameter identification is obtained both through theoretical relations and experimental tests. By means of experiments, it is shown that the proposed model is able to describe the main phenomena characterizing the driveline dynamics.
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Year 2005

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