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L. Biagiotti, C. Melchiorri, G. Vassura
"Autonomous Grasping with a 3-DOF Gripper for Space Activities"
Type Conference
Author(s) L. Biagiotti, C. Melchiorri, G. Vassura
Title Autonomous Grasping with a 3-DOF Gripper for Space Activities
Editor ASTRA 2002, ESTEC, Noordwijk, NL, 19-21 Nov.
Keywords Robotic Gripper, Space Robotics, Floating Objects, Vision System, Autonomous Grasp.
In the space context, because of the technical difficulties, dangerous environment, high cost of communications and of human presence and so on, the development of devices for autonomous or semi-autonomous operations is a key point for present and future researches. In this scenario, an important role will be played by robotics systems, able to interact with and to operate in a possibly unstructured environment. Aim of this work is to show how a robotic arm/gripper system and a vision system can be properly integrated in order to achieve the capability to autonomously perform the grasp of unknown objects. The gripper (currently mounted on a standard industrial manipulator) has been purposely designed for space applications. As a matter of fact, its kinematic configuration (3 one-dof fingers) and its sensorial equipment (including position, force and proximity sensors), improve the dexterity of this device if compared to more classical 2-jaw devices, usually used in space. In particular, the features of the proposed device (besides its wide workspace and the possibility to grasp objects with irregular shapes and/or non well positioned within its workspace) make it particularly suitable to deal with free-floating objects in absence of gravity.
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Year 2002

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