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F. Lotti, P. Tiezzi, G. Vassura, L. Biagiotti, C. Melchiorri, G. Palli
"UBH 3: A Biologically Inspired Robotic Hand"
Type Conference
Author(s) F. Lotti, P. Tiezzi, G. Vassura, L. Biagiotti, C. Melchiorri, G. Palli
Title UBH 3: A Biologically Inspired Robotic Hand
Editor Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Manipulation and Grasping IMG 04, Genova, Italy, 1-2 July 2004
Keywords Desing on Robot Hands, Compliant Structures, Mechatronics
This paper describes a work in progress at the University of Bologna concerning the design of a new anthropomorphic robot hand. The overall hand is based on an innovative mechanical architecture, which adopts deformable elements as joint hinges. This design leads to an endo-skeletal structure particularly suitable to host a distributed sensory equipment and a continuous compliant cover, allowing a high level of anthropomorphism together with great structural simplification, reliability enhancement and cost reduction. Furthermore, the proposed solution is very flexible, as it can be adapted to many different end-effector configurations and is not dependent on a particular type of actuation, being compatible with future availability of any kind of artificial muscles.
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Year 2004

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