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Bonivento, C., Gentili, L. Paoli, A.
"Fault tolerant control for port-Hamiltonian systems: an internal model based approach"
Type Conference
Author(s) Bonivento, C., Gentili, L. Paoli, A.
Title Fault tolerant control for port-Hamiltonian systems: an internal model based approach
Editor Submitted to CDC-ECC '05
Keywords Implicit fault tolerant control, internal model control, output regulation, port hamiltonian systems
n this paper an internal model based approach to fault tolerant control for port-Hamiltonian systems is presented: the main idea is to cast the original problem into a regulation problem in presence of input disturbances representing xogenous effects of possible faults; this problem can be solved with an adaptive internal model based approach. After an introductive section, the main contribution of the paper shows how, with a suitable preliminary control action and a change of coordinates, a general fault tolerant control problem can be cast as an input disturbance suppression problem. The adaptive internal model design procedure is then presented in order to solve the input disturbance problem. The theoretical machinery exploited is pecialized for the energy-based port-Hamiltonian formalism in order to prove the global asymptotical stability of the solution. Finally, in order to deeply point out the effectiveness of the design procedure presented, an example is presented: a fault tolerant control problem is solved for a robotic manipulator affected by torque ripples, enlightening how to deal with a complex fault tolerant tracking problem.
Year 2005

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