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L. Biagiotti, C. Melchiorri
"Design Aspects for Advanced Robot Hands: Sensory System"
Type Conference
Author(s) L. Biagiotti, C. Melchiorri
Title Design Aspects for Advanced Robot Hands: Sensory System
Editor Tutorial `Towards Intelligent Robotic Manipulation', org. by C. Melchiorri, P.J. Sanz, R. Molfino, IROS'02, IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Lausanne, CH, Sept. 30-Oct. 4
Keywords Sensors, Robot Hands, Design, Control
Dexterous manipulation requires devices provided with a suitable mechanical structure as well as an adequate sensory system. In fact, manipulating an object needs precise information about the configuration of the hand and the state of the interaction with the environment (typically the grasped object), and often the success (or simply the completion time) of the task depends on the level of this information. Starting from the observation of the human hand, in Sec. 2 we outline the desirable features of a dexterous robot end-effector, in terms of manipulation capabilities. In Sec. 3 we inspect the sensing technologies currently available, and in particular, in Sec. 4, we focus on force and tactile sensors, which at the moment are the most debated topic in the field of sensors for robotic manipulation. In Sec. 5 and 6 we describe some tangible examples of this kind of transducers, as well as their application in dexterous manipulation in order to accomplish slip detection of grasped objects. Finally, we draw some conclusions about the choice of a suitable sensory equipment for a robot hand by means of a comparative analysis of the solutions adopted in some noticeable examples of dexterous end-effectors.
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Year 2002

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