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Lucente G., Montanari, Rossi C.
"Hybrid Modelling of a Car Driveline for Servo-actuated Gear Shift"
Type Conference
Author(s) Lucente G., Montanari, Rossi C.
Title Hybrid Modelling of a Car Driveline for Servo-actuated Gear Shift
Editor ISIE 2005
Keywords Automotive, Modelling, Hybrid, Gearbox
Automated manual transmissions, equipped with servo-actuated clutch and gearbox, are becoming spread solutions in the European car market, thanks to the achievable improvement of comfort and performances. Driveline dynamics shows an intrinsically hybrid behavior, due to interconnection of continuous-time mass-spring-damper dynamics of transmission shafts and ``discrete'' evolution imposed by clutch and gearbox actuators. In the formal framework of hybrid system modelling, a driveline model taking into account the main phenomena occurring during gear shifting is proposed in this paper. Main purpose of this work is to propose a driveline model, based on fundamental axle dynamics and abstraction of clutch and gearbox actuators; the proposed model is simple but at the same time it is sufficiently accurate to be used for the design of controllers for gear shift operations. Model validation has been performed on experimental data.
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Year 2005

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